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Week 22 at The Montessori Field School

Over the past couple of weeks we've been teased with some warm and sunny days but mostly settled into more typical March weather. That fortunately means we've enjoyed a few more mornings around the campfire! The children continue to prove to us that they instinctually know how to stay warm. On the coldest day they were the most active--running and romping like a litter of little puppies! We kept a close eye to make sure it was all in good fun and consensual, pleased to see them reaping the benefits of rough and tumble play.

Some highlights from the week:

  • Our younger groups enjoyed going-outs throughout the property. They explored a new creek and visited some old favorites, including the lakeside swing.

  • Forest Club checked out the "big creek" at the highest level we've seen (still not very high...) and it was great fun! We caught/observed a crawdad and discovered a new geocache.

  • Forest Club learned and practiced fire building.

  • Some children made new connections with the Montessori materials and enjoyed carefully navigating a labyrinth created with the rods.

  • We learned about some local birds and listened carefully for their calls. The children were excited to hear a vocal mourning dove nearby.

Tomorrow is our big family volunteer day! Thank you so much to everyone who plans to attend (and to those of you who've volunteered to help in other ways). We're excited to expand our play space and make better use of our shelter/shed. See you in the morning!

Upcoming Events

  • Family Volunteer Day - Tomorrow, March 11th at Base Camp (9am-12pm)

  • Nature Camp - March 20-24 - additional children and adults will be joining us during this week

  • Spring Equinox Celebration - Tuesday, March 21 - see invite below!


Heather & Kris

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