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Week 23 at The Montessori Field School

Brrrrrrr! This was a cold one! The week started with "feels like" temperatures in the teens and ended with a cold drizzle (and even some sleet). Despite some of the coldest days we've had this year, the children were so resilient and engaged in a wide variety of activities.

Our newly expanded play area in the woods was a HUGE hit; the children couldn't get enough of some newly accessible climbing features and built a large "birds nest" out of sticks.

Big thank you to Alden's family for donating a couple of child-sized hammocks. Hours were spent peacefully lounging and swinging beneath the trees.

Another novel addition was our big tent with new activities in the shelter house. We will just use the big tent on very cold days, but the children loved it and it definitely helped keep everyone warm.

Forest Club enjoyed exploring the big creek and also ventured to a nearby small creek where we collected stones to make a sundial. It took a lot of hard work and coordination to get down and up the very steep banks.

We observed a new species of mushroom: Scarlet Elfcup! We learned that rodents and slugs enjoy eating it and that it's also edible for humans.

Finally, we added a new work to the forest: geometric designs with rubber bands. It was very neat to observe the children creating and naming shapes.

Things to Look Forward To

  • Next week is camp week! We will welcome 12 additional friends for the week as well as a new adult: Audra. Audra is a good friend of ours, a trained Montessori teacher, and has extensive experience with outdoor survival. She has lived in Thailand and Nepal, is fluent in American Sign Language, and spent many years as a whitewater raft guide in North Carolina. Audra is a top notch storyteller and recently won The Moth Story Hour competition. We are very excited about the energy and activities she'll be sharing with us next week.

  • Our Spring Family Gathering is Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. We know some of you are traveling for Spring Break and we'll definitely miss you! If you're in town, please join us to welcome the Spring Equinox. Bring ribbon if you have it sitting around at home, a picnic dinner, and an instrument for music around the fire (if you have one!).

See you soon!

Heather & Kris

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