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Week 25 at The Montessori Field School

This week was filled with so many exciting things! With Heather out on Monday and Kris out on Friday the children got to meet and interact with two of our favorite subs: Joe and Megan. We thoroughly vet all of our subs and always make sure either Heather or Kris is also with the children so they have a familiar face. If you are ever interested in subbing let us know!

Monday evening a tree fell near base camp and is now a favorite place for climbing. The children also enjoy gathering/building with the fallen sticks/limbs.

Towards the middle of the week the local fire department did a prescribed burn of some of the fields at Mount St. Francis. We visited a burn site and discussed why prescribed burns are beneficial for the ecosystem and helpful for controlling the tick population.

Now that it's spring we are hearing/seeing an astounding number of birds. Heather took a 2-minute recording at the fire pit that included 14 different bird calls! The children easily identify some of them by their distinctive calls (mourning doves, crows, blue jays) and are recognizing others by sight (cardinal, bluebird, robin, tufted titmouse, carolina chickadee, and redheaded woodpecker are ones we see often).

On Friday we were delighted to find a baby box turtle, which we observed for an hour or so before releasing it in the pine forest.

All of the children, but particularly Forest Club, are loving the addition of our new swing!

We spent the week gathering dandelions and violets which we will use to create a healing salve.

Things to Look Forward To

  • Our schoolhouse design is complete and our architect is busy preparing the construction drawings. Once actual construction begins it will be fast and furious! We are excited for the children to get to watch!

  • The new school year will be here before we know it. We are full with a waitlist at most age levels, but we do have 2 full-day spots for kindergartners. We also have space in our homeschool enrichment (forest club) for ages 6-12. Send interested families our way!

Ways to Get Involved

  • Welcome donations: scrap PVC pipes for building/channeling water, watercolor paper

  • Let us know if you'd like to be on our sub list!

See you next week!

Heather & Kris

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