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Week 27 at The Montessori Field School

Could that have been the most perfect weather week of the spring? Perhaps! We soaked in every minute of sunshine with tree climbing, trips to the creek, and lots of water/mud kitchen play. Early in the week we set up our grow tower and planted dwarf cherry tomatoes, strawberries, cauliflower, spearmint, thyme, alyssum, marigolds, and parsley.

Mid-week we made our salve by combining dandelion/violet/dead nettle-infused olive oil with beeswax and shea butter. Use the salve at home on sore/achy muscles, dry skin, and other minor conditions.

Forest Club took a trip to the creek on Thursday where we were delighted to discover an abundance of crawdads (including one with eggs on her abdomen!), a salamander, and toads.

The children were excited for the reappearance of our water table on Friday.

Geodes were also a big point of interest this week. The children enjoyed breaking them open with hammers and making "fairy dust."

A couple reminders...

  • The bugs are back!! We have had several tick encounters over the past couple of weeks. We will always personally inform you if we find a tick attached to your child and keep tick keys on hand to painlessly remove them. We highly recommend checking for ticks daily after forest school. We are ordering this DEET-free product for ourselves if you're interested in checking it out and applying it in the morning before drop-off. Treating clothing with permethrin is also very helpful.

  • Please send full rain gear even on beautiful, sunshine-y days! We are actively playing in the mud-kitchen, water table, and exploring creeks. Most of the children prefer to wear their rain gear during these activities to keep their clothes dry.

Things to Look Forward To

  • We are now fully staffed for 2023-2024 and will soon be announcing our two new full time teachers and two part-time specialists. We are so excited for them to join our community! Kris and Heather will continue to be very involved with all children who attend next school year, and we know that our new staff will do so much to enhance your child's experience.

  • It's almost berry season! We discovered two raspberry bushes at our base camp and are excited to experience this rich season of foraging with your children.

Enjoy the weekend!

Heather & Kris

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