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Week 33 at The Montessori Field School

Are you interested in purchasing our end-of-year Memory Book? The cost is $35 for a hardcover, 8.5x11 yearbook of our adventures together. If so, use this link to submit your payment by Wednesday, May 31st. If you would like multiple copies just submit multiple payments.

The weather was splendid this week! We enjoyed the crisp mornings and warm (even hot) afternoons. With the nice temperatures, we continued our reptile study with a special guest...Pablo the painted turtle. Pablo was rescued from the road in front of Heather's house and was nursed back to health with worms and love. The children loved his visits. We learned how, as a cold-blooded reptile, he regulates temperature differently than warm-blooded mammals and relies on the temperature of the air/water around him. We also learned that the shell underneath of him is called a plastron and the shell over his body is the carapace.

We had a wonderful new addition this week to our forest playground. Wade's family donated a beautiful "Book Nook" and the children loved being able to enjoy books in the woods. Thank you so much, Hammel family!

Forest Club learned some interesting animal facts through a series of new games. We had fun working together to form animals from several people's bodies and have the other team guess what we made. We also ventured down to the creek again where they set out to break their crawdad catching record.

The classroom was also a happening place this week, with the sandpaper letters, moveable alphabet, and golden beads repeatedly making appearances. We love watching their understanding grow each week!

Don't forget, no school on Monday for Memorial Day!

Things to Look Forward to:

  • The next two weeks are camp weeks! We are excited to welcome new friends and teachers.

  • The last day of school is Friday, June 23rd.

  • The first day of NEXT school year is August 10th.

  • Our family summer solstice gathering is Wednesday, June 21st. There will be live music, water play, Fistful of Tacos, and Uncommon Cups and Cones ice cream. Bring cash for food and come have a great time!

Ways to Get Involved:

  • We need a hand crank ice cream maker and/or large coffee cans for a special last week of school activity. Do you have one we can borrow? A Soda Stream would also be amazing!

  • Check out our Amazon Wishlist

  • Don't miss our summer solstice gathering on June 21st!

Enjoy the long weekend,

Heather & Kris

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