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Week 35 at The Montessori Field School

We are wrapping up two action-packed weeks of camp! It's truly summer now, even though we haven't officially reached the solstice. The children loved meeting new friends and adults. The mud kitchen came back into fashion with renewed fervor, we made several trips to both the big creek and the little creek, and we enjoyed a variety of interesting art projects. Some favorites included another round of cyanotypes, watercolor shadow painting, and face paint (always a great time!).

We enjoyed foraging for some wild edibles on our hikes through the property, particularly wild garlic.

The extra large bubbles were a consistent crowd favorite!

Water play, including the creek, water table, and sprinkler, helped us stay cool on those very hot afternoons.

We even had an exceptional rain day and spotted a gorgeous rainbow! :)

Things to Look Forward To

As we wrap up this school year we're excited about a few upcoming events:

  • Luca's mom, a photographer, is going to do spring photos for our 3-to-6-year-olds on Monday, June 12th and Tuesday, June 13th. Thank you, Monica! We will let you know when the photos are available.

  • Our Summer Solstice gathering is Wednesday, June 21st and we hope you can all make it! There will be bluegrass music, Fistful of Tacos, ice cream from Uncommon Cups and Cones, and water play. Bring the whole family (and some camp chairs/cash!).

  • Our Memory Books have arrived and are so beautiful! If you forgot to place your order let us know; we ordered a few extras.

  • Thinking to next year...the first day of school for full-time children is August 10th and half-day children is August 14th.

Keep up those daily tick checks! We're looking forward to returning to "adventure as usual" next week.

Heather & Kris

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