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Week Eight at The Montessori Field School

This week was our first Nature Camp! We thoroughly enjoyed welcoming some new faces, and their arrival breathed new life into some old favorites (we saw some pretty elaborate mud kitchen creations this week!). The weather was picture-perfect October. The children noticed the leaves changing colors, which were particularly stunning over the lake on Thursday. We enjoyed face painting, soccer, tree climbing for some, fire building, adding new plants to our garden tower, sensory play with sand and corn, a scavenger hunt, leaf art, and a variety of hikes.

After weeks and weeks of gathering, inspecting, and cracking hickory nuts, we finally were able to give "hickory nut hot chocolate" a try. The general consensus was that it didn't taste very good, but they seemed to enjoy the experience regardless. We've shifted gears to persimmons and have nearly gathered enough to engage in some baking projects next week.

Mount St. Francis installed a nice bird feeder right next to our Base Camp. The children have been keeping it stocked with the corn meal that they've been diligently producing in the coffee grinder. We are already noticing more bird activity.

Next week is our second and last Nature Camp for October. We also have a camp scheduled for November 21-23, which are the three days before Thanksgiving. If you are interested in your child attending all day that week, or if you have older children who would like to attend, we still have four spaces remaining. Just let us know!

We had a couple of chilly mornings in the low to mid-30s and the layering system seemed to be very effective for most children. I will say that I donned my new wool base layer for the first time and that even during the coldest morning I was nice and toasty (almost hot, even). It is noticeably warmer than my polyester base layer. Yes, they're painfully expensive, but we have a feeling that they'll be the difference between fun and frigid in December and February!

Things to Look Forward To

  • Professional photographer extraordinaire, Jana Davis, is coming to take some photos for us on Thursday, October 20th. Think of these natural action photos like school pictures, forest school style. If your child does not normally attend on Thursdays, they are invited to join us that day (8:30-11:30). If you would like digital, full-resolution copies of the photos of your child you can pay $15 and have unlimited access.

  • Nature Camp next week (October 10-14) and November 21-23 - We're welcoming two new adults to support some really neat art projects and we're so excited!

  • Our Bunch Bike will make its appearance SOON!

  • Baking and enjoying persimmon treats

  • Next family gathering: Winter Solstice December 21

Ways to Get Involved

  • Welcome donations: herbal tea, apple cider, pumpkins & gourds

  • Your generosity has been outstanding; we have surpassed the funds needed for one Bunch Bike and are now on our way to purchasing a second one. THANK YOU!

  • If you have a child who attends in the morning and you enjoy fire building, we welcome volunteers to come early and start our fire. We will start having fires daily after the first freeze.


Heather & Kris

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