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Week Eleven at The Montessori Field School

Info for Next Week: Although we love indulging in Halloween candy as much as anyone, please keep all sweet treats at home next week. Some people, particularly children, are quite sensitive to food coloring and/or sugar and we want to help everyone feel their best at school! Thank you!

This week was quintessential fall. Chilly mornings gave way to warm afternoons, allowing us to have lots of practice with our clothes layering systems. It was lovely to relax into the natural rhythms of the day and the children. Sometimes they were ready and eager for a hike or a bike ride, other times they settled into concentrated periods of work with the Montessori materials, and still other times they gravitated towards the mud kitchen, sensory table, fire pit, or sun-bathing on the picnic blanket. We are grateful to have the space to follow their natural tendencies, as we know that's very best for their development.

We learned some new games that were not only lots of fun but also helped our bodies stay warm in chilly weather. Younger children enjoyed "Hibernate, Migrate" and learned about the types of animals that hibernate in the winter and the types of animals that travel to warmer climates. Older children couldn't seem to get enough of Sardines and Kick the Can. Playing group games builds physical strength, stamina, cooperation, and sportsmanship.

Art explorations this week continue to capitalize on the season. We made animal masks out of the impressively large leaves falling from the tulip poplars and sycamores, dipped leaves in wax to preserve their brilliance a while longer, and practiced knot tying skills with macrame. The older children put their engineering skills to the test through shelter building and making swings in their favorite climbing trees.

Over the past couple of weeks we were excited to welcome a few new friends to our community! Adria and Brinley joined our Forest Club and Shiloh joined our Goldenrod group on Tuesday and Thursday. Welcome!

Things to Look Forward To

  • We have another new learner, Wade, joining us on Monday and Wednesday mornings starting next week.

  • Our next family gathering is on the Winter Solstice, December 21st.

  • The time change is coming up! Mark your calendars for November 6th. It will be interesting to see how our mornings change with the time adjustment.

Ways to Get Involved

  • We welcome donations of: apple cider/tea, bird seed, electric kettle.

  • If you have a child who attends in the morning and you enjoy fire building, we welcome volunteers to come early and start our fire. (Thank you to Waylon and his dad for helping us out this week!)

It might be wet on Monday; remember your warm and dry gear!

Enjoy the spooky weekend!

Heather & Kris

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