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Week Four at The Montessori Field School

It was another busy and beautiful week at The Montessori Field School. We embraced an informal theme of mindfulness and practiced yoga, meditation breathing, and enjoyed a few books that help us be more conscientious of our place in the world. We also celebrated August and September birthdays! The younger children took "trips around the sun" by walking around a lit candle the number of times as their age. The older children made their very first campfire of the school year and enjoyed roasted marshmallows. Children with birthdays in August and September were also the recipients of nature crowns created from found leaves, grasses, and flowers. We are excited to see how our crowns change as the seasons do!

Also this week we introduced the children to a "classroom" space inside the shelter house. The area is defined by a large outdoor rug and we practiced taking off our boots, putting them under our backpacks, and using the space in our socks or bare feet.

Just a reminder to please wait to drop off your child(ren) until you see Heather or Kris heading down the path from the shelter house (particularly in the afternoons). We are often busy with lunch and prep for the afternoon session right up until 12:30. Thank you!

Areas of Interest This Week

  • Foraging - We learned about and tried many edible plants this week, including jewelweed, spice bush, sassafras, pine needles, and sorrel.

  • Hickory nuts - We are so lucky to have an abundant grove of hickory trees right in our forest play space. The children love collecting them and breaking them open. This week we learned how to distinguish the "good" from the "bad" nuts by putting them in water and seeing if they sink or float. We are excited to create "hot chocolate" from the good nuts over the next week or two.

  • Nature painting - Some children started exploring how to use found nature items as paint brushes while others created their own paint and ink from charcoal.

  • Five senses - We started have conversation about our five senses. Some children enjoyed smelling the difference between walnuts and hickory nuts.

Things to Look Forward To

  • Our first family gathering is September 21st. Look for a note to come home with your child next week about what you can contribute for our s'mores menu.

  • Now that the children are oriented to our "classroom" space inside the shelter, we will soon be introducing some Montessori materials and lessons to use in that space. We are excited for them to have the opportunity to freely move between the outdoor play spaces and the sheltered space for Montessori work.

Ways to Get Involved

  • Go Fund Me Update - We are just $750 away from our first Bunch Bike!

  • Amazon Wishlist

  • Do you have a skill to share? Let us know! In September we will have guests sharing yoga and knot tying.

  • Do you have construction experience? We have a project in the works that could use your support. Let us know!

See you next week! Heather & Kris

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