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Week Fourteen at The Montessori Field School

It was a cold one! We were really impressed with the children's resilience through the drop in temperatures. It is SO good for their growing bodies and young immune systems to be playing outside in the cold! Early in the week the lingering snow was a big hit. They found every bit of it they could until it was gone, transforming the mud kitchen into a snow kitchen and stomping the last of the snow boulders to bits. We enjoyed short hikes to find animal tracks in the soft ground and were able to spot tracks from several difference species.

As the week continued we shifted our focus to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. We read stories of gratitude and collaboration, including the classic Stone Soup. Thank you so much for your contributions! We made three very different and very delicious soups on the fire. The children seemed to love contributing something of their own and working together to chop the vegetables.

As temperatures continued to drop we continued to adapt. The children instinctually gravitated towards high-movement activities: climbing, running, jumping, swinging, and balancing on logs. The Forest Club children created an elaborate game on our circle of stumps that really showcased their elementary tendencies of collaboration, strong sense of fairness, and need for physical challenge. We added a propane patio heater and tarps as wind blocks to our shelter house, creating a cozy space to settle in on the carpet and choose Montessori work. Perhaps the biggest work this week, though, was navigating mittens going on and off (and on and off, and on and off!).

Lastly, we celebrated a couple of birthdays this week! Happy birthday Miles and Ethan!

Things to Look Forward To

  • Next week is camp week! We will have some additional children joining us Monday-Wednesday.

  • All programs closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving; enjoy some family time!

  • Our next family gathering is December 21! Mark your calendars; you won't want to miss it.

  • Our professional photos are almost ready! We can't wait to share them with you.

Ways to Get Involved

  • Sign up by Friday, December 16 to help out with our upcoming family gathering. You can bring an appetizer/drink or help set up or tear down.

  • Come early and help start our fire. We'll be having them every day from now on!

  • Doing end-of-year giving? Consider making a tax-deductible donation to our school! We are saving to build our schoolhouse for next school year, when we will offer full-day programs. Let us know if this is something you'd like to do and we'll prepare a letter for your tax records.

See you next week!

Heather & Kris

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