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Week Ten at The Montessori Field School

The wooly worms and persimmons both say we are going to have a cold winter, and this week was certainly a sneak peek. It was a good opportunity to test out our layering system and cold weather gear. We have observed some particularly effective brands/products and included links to those at the end of this newsletter. Great early Christmas presents!

It was very exciting to have our first snow on Tuesday. The children made a 6" snowman! Our older group started a phenology calendar to mark notable observations in nature from year to year. They also tried their hand at some shelter building, which we will continue as we prepare for the cold/wind yet to come.

The changing leaves were a huge point of interest this week. We preserved them in their various stages by dipping them in hot wax and creating artwork. There was also much raking/jumping/laughing/playing! The fall foliage was the perfect backdrop for our professional photo day on Thursday. If you would like a copy of the pictures but forgot your $15, feel free to give us check/cash the next time you see us.

Pumpkin hammering (with golf tees), baking pumpkin seeds, and sampling pumpkin soup were popular activities with all ages. Out of all of the baking projects we've done this year (hickory nuts, persimmon pudding, pumpkin seeds/soup) persimmon pudding had definitely been the biggest hit.

As the week concluded on a warmer note, the children showed renewed interest in our Montessori materials and engaged in long periods of very focused work. It was a joy to witness.

Maybe the most exciting thing about the week, though, was the arrival of our Bunch Bike! The children are having SO much fun with it and we're very grateful for your support in making it happen.

Things to Look Forward To

  • Next week we will celebrate October birthdays!

  • We will have another (short) week of camp on November 21-23. If you are interested in your child/sibling attending full time that week (8:30-3:30) please let us know.

  • Our Winter Solstice Family Gathering is December 21st.

Ways to Get Involved

  • Welcome donations: bird seed, cider or tea for hot drinks, electric kettle.

  • If you have a child who attends in the morning and you enjoy fire building, we welcome volunteers to come early and start our fire.

Recommended Gear

Although it may seem unnecessary or like too much of an investment, we've observed that the following brands are very effective at keeping kids comfortable in the cold weather. Wool base layers and socks make a BIG difference. Most of the following are available at Get 15% off with discount code FIELD.

  • Base Layers: Helly Hansen or Smartwool

  • Mittens: Stonz or Didriksons

  • Boots: BOGS or Muck Boots

  • Socks: Smartwool

  • Outer Layer (Waterproof): Oaki, Didriksons, or Helly Hansen

  • Backpack: Osprey Daylight Kids or Deuter

Have a wonderful weekend!

Heather & Kris

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