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Week Twelve at The Montessori Field School

As the leaves turn brown and fall to the ground our "classroom" is revealing new beauties and mysteries. Our favorite hikes have now popped with bright green mosses and ferns that were probably always there but camouflaged by the other colors. We can see distances through the trees we couldn't see before and spot birds more easily than ever. The changing seasons are truly a gift and it's pretty easy to miss when you're not outside every day. Luckily, we are!

This week we played off of Halloween a bit and had fun making animal headbands and nature wings. Mount St. Francis treated our Monday children with a little trick-or-treating at the retreat center, which was so much fun! We enjoyed long bike rides in the fair weather explored the boundaries of our Bunch Bike (it holds its own with just a little off-roading, we now know!). We also introduced and enjoyed some new Montessori materials called the metal insets. The metal insets allow us to create beautiful artwork while developing proper grasp, pressure, and smooth movement holding a pencil.

Other highlights from the week included some beautiful nature mandalas, discovering new (and deeper) parts of the creek, and some innovative engineering with some wood cedar blocks.

Things to Look Forward To

  • Do we look forward to the time changing? The verdict is out on that one, but it's happening this weekend either way. Don't forget to change your clocks!

  • Our next family gathering is December 21st for the Winter Solstice. More info to come!

  • We are developing our 2023-2024 programs and will be ready to start advertising and enrollment soon. There are some exciting changes and additions coming your way! Please give input on next year's school calendar by completing this SURVEY.

Ways to Get Involved

  • We welcome donations of bird seed, herbal tea, cider, and "loose parts." Some examples of loose parts include: scraps of wood (boards, rounds, blocks), PVC in various lengths, PVC connectors, straw/hay bales, stumps, etc.

  • We always welcome families to come early and help start our fire! We typically have a fire anytime it's in the 50s or colder these days.

See you next week!

Heather & Kris

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